Get A Free Entry Pass Into Club 4 Climate

    Club 4 Climate is making headlines because of the way that it uses dancing as a source of energy. The night club is now offering free passes as a way of getting the word out to as many people as possible, and encouraging their guests to be environmentally friendly when traveling to and from the club.

    Party-goers that live nearby and walk to the club can avoid the door charge and get in for free, and those that live further away also Read the rest of this entry »

    How To Get Into Club 4 Climate For Free

    Club 4 Climate doesn’t just claim to be environmentally-friendly, they practice what they preach. Most of the energy that is used by the club is produced by dancing. The more people who dance at the club, the more power is generated. Because Club 4 Climate cares so much about our ecosystem, there is even an incentive to use eco-friendly transportation to the club.

    Party-goers who can prove they didn’t harm the environment by coming to the club can get in free. If you Read the rest of this entry »

    Introduction To Britain’s First Eco Night Club

    If you are lucky enough to visit Britain’s Eco Night Club, then you are in for a royal treat. This is one of the most unique party spots on the planet. Before setting a foot into the club, party-goers must promise to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. You can even gain free entry if you can provide proof that you traveled to the club in an environmentally-conscious manner. So if you walked or biked to the party, you can save your money for Read the rest of this entry »

    Ain’t No Party like An Eco Party

    Even with the economy being what it is and our fossil fuels fast becoming a thing of the past, humanity and its ingenuity manage to push through into the future. Nowadays you can drive a car powered entirely by electricity, houses are being built with materials that implement all different kinds of alternative energy and you can even get electricity for your home through sites like Texas Electricity that make most of their power using green energy sources. We use green energy to live, but have you ever thought about how green energy could be used to just plain have fun? A popular nightclub in the UK certainly did.

    I have spent some time talking about this club in detail in previous posts, but the fact that this club is essentially powered by dancing is absolutely staggering and can’t be stated enough. If the dancers want to have a great time in a charged atmosphere of lights and sound, they need only hit the floor and power their own fun. It harkens back to the old alchemical laws of equivalent exchange and begs to ask: if more products and industries operated in this manner, requiring action from an individual to get what they want, would we be much better off? Unfortunately, this question probably won’t be addressed any time soon, but it’s fun to dream.

    Have Your Next Eco Party At Club 4 Climate

    Are you looking for a unique party experience? Why not try the ultra eco conscious Club 4 Climate. Get your party together and take a bus to the club (by taking public transportation, biking or walking you can waive the cover – 10 GBP). Make sure to sign the agreement to be more eco conscious when you get to the door and then head in for the club night experience like no other.

    Head out to the piezoelectric dance floor and help power the club with Read the rest of this entry »

    What Is An Eco Night Club?

    What is an Eco nightclub? Club4Climate is setting the bar for these future thinking establishments. Located in London, this club starts its message even before a patron passes through the front door. If you walk, take public transportation or bike to the club (and can prove it) your cover charge (normally 10 GBP) is waived. But don’t think you’re getting in that easy. Before anyone can enter they must sign a pledge to be actively eco conscious in all of their future decisions.

    Once a club goer has made it through Read the rest of this entry »

    Britain’s First Eco- Friendly Night Club Powered By Dancing

    Britain’s first eco-friendly nightclub opened in July of 2008 and featured a hugely innovative power-producing dance floor. The technology uses springs below the floor to compress crystal blocks which, when squeezed, produce small electric charges. The charges are then drained into batteries and stored to help meet the power needs of the club. While patrons dance, the floor moves and creates more electricity.

    The club is called Surya and is found on Pentonville Road in London. It was the idea of property developer Andrew Charalambous, also known as Dr. Earth. Power Read the rest of this entry »

    Your Dancing Provides The Power For Your Night Life

    When you go to the club everyone is there. Your friends, your intimate partner, even coworkers. When you dance in the club, everyone sees you. Becoming an awesome dancer is the trick to becoming more sassy and stylish in the club. When everyone has their eyes on you, it’s no wonder that the way you dance is so very important.

    There are literally dozens of ways to get your body into the right motion. However one of the most accurate ways to become a better dancer is to observe others as they dance Read the rest of this entry »

    Club 4 Climate- Where Dancing Powers The Club

    There is now a new way to protect and benefit the planet. That new way is dancing with all you got. The Club 4 Climate in the UK has generated a lot of noteworthy attention for its unique dance floor that powers the building when people go on the dance and of course, dance.

    About 60 of the club is powered by the club’s guests who dance on the floor. The floor has special springs in which when people dance on it, unique power generating Read the rest of this entry »